Oye Mixed Corporate T20

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    • Gurgaon
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    • Start Date : 18 Aug 2019
    • End Date : 31 Dec 2019

*🤹‍♂ OYE CRICKET 🤹‍♂* *Sponsored by WePlay Sports Studio Golf Course Gurgaon* *Starting August 2019* *OYE Monsoon Aaya Hai* *Season 1⃣2⃣* *MIX CORPORATE T20 CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIP🏆* *1⃣0⃣teams 2⃣ GROUPS* Minimum 4⃣ league Matches per team *Match on Saturday & Sunday Only and on public holidays in following slots* 1 mrng slot(6.30am) 1 match 2nd Slot (10.30am) 1 Match 3rd Slot (1.30pm) 1 match day night Slot (4.30pm) *Complete Schedule in Advance* *No Change* *Amenties that will be available* 1)Floor Dug Out 2)Live Streaming on Youtube 3) Shed Covered area for Sitting 4) Coolers Fitted for Beating the heat 5) Lemonade Tang to keep hydrated 6) Chilled Water 7) Canteen Facility for other refreshment 8) *Free Indoor Net Session for every Man of the Match by Weplay Sports Studio Golf Course Gurgaon* 9) *Free Indoor Net Session for every player of Tournament winning team by Weplay Sports Studio Golf Course Gurgaon* *🍔🍟 Refreshments 🍕* Sandwich🥪🥪 Lemonade Tang🍹🍹 Lassi🥛🥛🥛 Mineral Water🍶 for each player on match day *PROFESSIONAL CRICKET Players strictly not allowed‼️🚫❌* *Awards* *Match Awards* Man of the Match Bowler of the match Sweat Spiller of the Match Batsman of the Match *Man of the Series🏆* *Bowler of the Series 🏆* *Batsman of the Series🏆* *Champions Trophy🏆 for Tournament Winning Team & 🏅trophy for each player* *Runner up Trophy 🏆for finalist Team & 🥇trophy for all players for Finalist Team* * 🎪 Venue  🎪* *🏟 MMAH Sports Complex* *Sector 59 Gurugram* *Entry Fees: INR 5500/- per match* *One Match fee in advance for entry confirmation as security deposit* Limited Slots Available!!! Hurry Up & Call   +91 97737 42914

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