Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do we charge anything for Sports Profile creation?

Ans. Sportsvitae doesn’t charge anything for Sports Profile.

Q2. Does Sports Vitae have only Cricket as Sports?

Ans. No, we would include all the Sports that are played around the world. Give us sometime; we are working on the same.

Q3. How many players do we require to create a Team?

Ans. It depends on what Sport you play. For Example: Cricket Team on Sports Vitae can only be created if you have minimum of 11 sports profile in your friend list.

Q4. How will Data come into my profile?

Ans. There are two options for the same:
First, you can manually update it but this will not provide you any extra features. By putting it yourself, you can just see how many total runs you have scored and no of matches played.
Second, Create your Team and admin can add the data for all the 11 profiles that played for any particular match. Once submit, this will automatically tag all the played players profile and data would be sync. Not only this, Individual Data would be maintained with performance graphs and timelines, which will help you see the detailed version of last 10 years matches profile has been tagged into.

Q5. What are these small medals like icon on my Profile Image?

Ans. Once, your Team Admin is about to submit the score sheet for that particular match, he/she would be prompted to select best performances of the day. Sports Vitae will assign the Medals on the basis of what Profiles have been nominated for.

Q6. How many Teams a single user can add the data from?

Ans. There is no limit on the teams a user is playing. If user’s name is been tagged from any team, data from that team would be automatically sync with user’s data performance.

Q7. How many times in a day data can be added? What is the ETA for showing it up in user profile?

Ans. Data can be added N number of times in a day and all the data added would be updated as soon as it would be submitted. ETA for making the data LIVE, if taken help from our team would be different.

Q8. How many match details can be added from different teams in a day?

Ans. We have taken 3 slots into consideration: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. On that basis, by selecting any above mentioned slot, data can be entered from 3 different and/or same team in a day.

Q9. Does the scorecard accept the Over or balls bowled?

Ans. The data is accepted on the basis of bowls bowled and played not in no of overs.

Q10. What are USP and Best Performance in User Profile?

Ans. USP is Unique Selling Point; this would be selected during profile registration and would be real time based on how user is performing. Whereas, Best performance will highlight your best performance match details, the fist time user adds the data would be taken as Best Performance but can be changed from ‘My Performance’ Tab any number of times.