About Us

  • Social website for all sports players. Now you can create your Sports Profile, can add your Team, find new sports players in your area to play with. Website provides you to add your daily/Team Performance . This will automatically calculate the your USPs like Strike Rate/Average etc in seconds
  • In this competitive world where everyone cares about your studies/career, and Extra Curricular Activities tend to be overlooked. Only a Sportsman knows the importance of a Sports Profile. We are not letting your Sports go in vain. Create your own Sports Profile and show the world what you are made of.
  • Who knows what you play and where you play? You are working in an MNC and have to move to different city or country, you are a great footballer, might have represented your college/school team, however, it all goes in vain each time you move to a new city or country. This leaves you rather de motivated and the need to start again from scratch.
  • Is your data safe? When you play any sport, you tend to maintain the data and certificates. This keeps you motivated as a Sportsman to improve and give your best every time. Being a manual process what happens if you play next and your data gets deleted or you loose it?